WW-HF-Marathon 2022

The World Wide HF Marathon is designed to promote DXing activity
throughout the year rather than only on contest weekends and during
DXpeditions. Because activity is not concentrated in specific time periods,
credit is given for contacts on all ham bands 10 to 160 meters.
Scoring is simple: you score one point the first time you work a new DXCC
and/or a new zone during the year. Add the points up at the end of the year
for your total score. There are no multipliers.
The WW-HF-MARATHON DASH offer 3 Classes, one in CW, one in SSB and one in
Digital Modes.

Here are the complete rules:
All QSO’s should be done from the registered QTH for the callsign
Activity period: The WW-HF-MARATHON DASH is a yearlong activity, beginning at
0000 UTC January 1 and ending at 2359 UTC December 31.
Each year’s event is separate.

All bands from 10 to 160 meters including WARC can be used.

CW, SSB, Digital Modes

General: Each entrant in the WW-HF-MARATHON DASH may submit one log each
year. It is preferable to upload more than one log during the year, because of
less load on the server - for multiple smaller logs - than one big one

QRP 5 W. , 100W , QRO

Each DXCC worked is worth one point. Each CQ zone worked is worth one
point. The total score is the sum of zones and DXCCs worked on any mode
and any band. There are no multipliers. Each DXCC and zone count only
once. A single QSO may count for both a DXCC and a zone. If in the year you
work 240 DXCCs and 40 zones, your score is 280.
The winner is the one first getting the winning total score.
Decisions of the WW-HF-MARATHON DASH committee are final

Submissions must be made electronically at WW-HF DASHBOARD
www.qsolog.at, deadline is 07.January 2023. It is preferable to upload more
than one log during the year - less load on the server - for multiple smaller
logs - than one big one. Each participate will receive a confirming email.

QSLs are not required. The operator is expected to claim
contacts only from stations the operator has every reason to believe are
legitimate, and only to claim contacts in which an accurate two-way exchange
was clearly accomplished . Submissions may be penalized or voided in
cases of fraud or poor sportsmanship.

The final listing of official scores and winners will be published here at

Certificates are awarded to qualified participants in this order:
highest overall score for each of the three modes on each continent, highest
overall score in each CQ zone; highest overall score in each DXCC; highest
overall score in QRO, 100W. QRP 5 watt.

If you wish you can order plaques.

Sample of the Diploma : Will be downloadable in High Resolution for printing

Sample plaques